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A Special Memory-August 15, 1976

My ordination to Christian Ministry occurred forty years ago this month. My new eBook, "Journey to Friendship" includes a story of August 15, 1976, the day I appeared before an intimidating group of Baptist men called an Ordination Council. On that hot summer night in Joplin, Missouri, these gentlemen would take a vote to decide my vocational fate!

I had been preparing for the moment through years of theological education and training. I had taken many written tests and presented many sermons. But this felt different--and was I nervous! These men would be evaluating every word I said about my personal faith, doctrinal beliefs and life style. To make it worse, some of the thirty men who sat there knew me really, really well: my father, father-in-law, high school principal, a supervisor at my first job... you get the picture!

I invite you to download a copy from the Amazon Kindle Store today to read what happened that fateful day!

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