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Online Counseling for your well-being

Click the Betterhelp button to learn about online counseling with Larry provides online counseling with thousands of licensed mental health professionals. It is convenient, secure and affordable. Learn more through the website. Therapy offers the opportunity for personal exploration, insight and change to work through these times toward a healthy adjustment.

Through, Larry provides online counseling for relationships, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety and spiritual distress. In these times, a trained guide makes the difference in overcoming the loss and building a new life. Larry brings more than 40 years of experience in the helping professions. His breadth of experience, compassion, and gentle leadership bring a sense of confidence to tackle the most difficult issues.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy focuses on our thought patterns and behaviors. Discovering new viewpoints, confronting actions that hinder our adjustment, and mastering new skills provide a powerful force to move us toward our goals.

Spirituality is usually a vital element is strengthening the Journey. Each client’s spiritual perspective is unique and respected at Journeystrong Counseling. Larry holds a Christian faith that believes in the love, goodness and redeeming power of God to work in every life.

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