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What is Tracks for the Journey all about? This short video tells the resources, the elements of Well-being, and the benefits for you!


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Awestruck! The Emotion
of Transcendence

The delightful emotion of awe offers a path toward transcendence and well-being. The thunder of Niagara Falls or the face of a newborn can provoke emotions that change us forever. Science has given new perspectives on the impact of awe for our faith and well-being. The insights of Cole Arthur Riley, Victor Frankel, David Ray Griffin, and Summer Allen add breadth to the discussion. I invite you to explore how awe can mean so much for our human journey.

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How Giving Gives Happiness

Everyone wants happiness. What if we are missing a key ingredient. Altruism is proven to bring well-being. So let’s be intentional! In this episode, I explore the evidence that giving to help others changes our body and mindset. Choosing these acts on a regular basis may be the ingredient that moves our happiness to a new level.


Get Better Sleep Tonight

Getting a good night’s sleep is important. But it’s not always easy. Sleep science offers a better tomorrow by improving what happens tonight. Let’s explore more about your well-being through good sleep habits. Looking at the example of Jesus, making a few minutes of pre-sleep preparation, and a tracking your nocturnal adventure can make all the difference!

Go Wild! Spirituality for the Earth

Running the path beneath the giant Sequoias brought a depth to my faith experience. Could going Wild lead to a closer connection to God and the Planet? Explore with me a green path with the perspective of Panentheism, Jesus in the Wild, Ecopsychology, and the battle against plastic pollution. We can learn from Brian McLaren, Ilia Delio, and others a new language of faith discovery that is as old as the planet.

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Baby No? The Ethics of Birth Control

Today 950 million women will say “No” to pregnancy by utilizing birth control. Is that a moral choice? With changes in America’s laws, the legality of interventional birth control is under attack. I believe there are four ethical and theological reasons to support reproductive choice which contribute to well-being at every stage of adult life.

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Lessons from my Billion-Year-Old Friend

"If you visit me at the Bright Star Farm, you’ll see something amazing. The centerpiece of a Prayer Garden is a red granite rock, round and smooth, the size of a soccer ball. Dark streaks mark its surface amid hues of red. Just a rock, you might ask? No. This magnificent stone is a billion-year-old witness to the work of God. Sitting near it I am called to unite my life with the universal energy of the Divine."

Fear i-am_nah-unsplash.jpg

Don't Sabotage Your Well-being

Danger! You may be sabotaging your own well-being! Uncover the ways we hinder our happiness in the newest episode of Tracks for the Journey. It’s vital to avoid the twin saboteurs of “Fearing Your Fears” and “Confusing Feelings with Facts.” In this episode I share a story of Nazi sabotage, the help Jasmine found, and inspiration from a jailbird. Join me to explore ways to foil the plot within and build greater well-being.

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Can God Make You Healthy?

All of us care about having good physical health. We deal with illness, practice good habits, and watch our calories, right? When things go wrong, we can struggle with big questions about what we are doing and even God’s place in this quest. Can God make you healthy?

Granddads clock 2.JPG

Unleash the Now!

The ticking seconds of the clock—could they be the signal God is moving across my life and yours? My Granddad's clock is a treasured timepiece here at the Bright Star Ranch. Jesus never heard that sound but knew so much about time. He demonstrated every moment brings the possibility of insight, miracle, renewal, or fulfillment. As the new year unfolds, it's important to explore how we can unleash the Now-Moments for greater well-being. 

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Travel to Your Well-being

Travel starts with a big question: Where am I going? We can expand the question to our life experience. Where am I going in this journey of life? Research shows well-being is enhanced by exploring the worlds outside of us and within us. Join me to discover ways of growth through explore places around us and inside us. We can travel for our well-being


Affirming Transgendered Care

Transgendered youth and their parents have rights to determine their gender identity. But laws across America are trying to take away this fundamental freedom. Join me to understand the issues and the reasons this is bad for them, for you, and for the kingdom of God. Let’s affirm transgender rights in this episode of Tracks for the Journey.

Transgender, LBGTIA, Ethics, Gender Dysphoria

Jan 6 MAGA Jesus Tyler Merkler.jpg

Myth of Christian Nationalism

The myth of Christian Nationalism is creeping across America in this Independence season. The ideology weds fundamentalist faith and regressive politics to undermine our democracy. We should stand against this bad theology, bad political history, and bad racism. Explore with me the timely topic “The Myth of Christian Nationalism.” 

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Politics, church and State, Bigotry, Jesus


Sex is Okay with God

Sex commands center stage in our society today, filling the headlines with debate and the websites with erotica. Can we find a healthier sexuality through theology, ethics, and science? I think so, as the title of this Tracks for the Journey episode says, "Sex is Okay with God."

In this episode I discuss the basic vocabulary we need but don't really know. I dig into some of the Bible material beyond just the simple proof texts, especially surrounding LBGTIA issues. Finally, the principles of sex as good and fidelity as central are presented.

Listen here:

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Sex, LGBTIA, Gay rights, Ethics

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