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Caiaphas won

Caiaphas had won. The great Passover ceremonies in the Temple went perfectly on this Sabbath Saturday. Few even recalled the unfortunate Friday morning incident with the disgraced rabbi from Nazareth. Today, the guards at the tomb had threatened a few gawkers, spies were watching his demoralized followers and some lavish gifts had been sent to the old fox, Pilate, for his part in the death of the troublemaker. Victory felt sweet, even though some foolish peasants from Galilee were disappointed.

What was it the misguided prophet had said? “You will see me, the Son of Man, coming on the clouds of heaven!” Insanity, indeed. To claim the vision of the Messiah, spoken by the courageous prophet, Daniel, as his own identity. Daniel was saying God would be punishing the nation and bringing a new Kingdom to earth. Ridiculous. The Temple, the Sanhedrin, and the wealth of the nation’s leaders had never been greater. Wise political maneuvers kept Rome in its place. Someday, God would bring a great deliverance, a mighty warrior, one truly anointed by the Sanhedrin. But not today.

The people would go back to work tomorrow morning, the first day of the work week. Life goes on. Unless you’re a crucified rabble-rouser. Then it’s only another morning in Sheol. Yes, on this Sabbath, everyone could see, the great High Priest Caiaphas had won.

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