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Erecting Signposts

I've watched work crews erect a new sign next to a busy highway. Heavy machines make a hole, concrete is poured, posts are made plumb and a brightly-colored sign is soon shining a new message to travelers. Lord knows, how many eyes will see those words across the years!

I want to offer a sign for many to read, with a little less manual labor. This blog is titled, "Signposts on the Journey." I will be erecting new messages frequently and hope you will drive by to check them out.

Why go to such effort? I want to encourage your personal growth in a progressive Christian faith. I'm just a pilgrim myself, yet I hope to forge ahead and show a path that will strengthen your spirituality and expand your engagement in this exciting adventure with God. I'll raise up topics of theology, ethics, science, current events and other fields to keep us moving on the path.

"Dead End?" I hope not! Join me on the Journey!

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