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Memoir released today on Amazon!

When I go for a run or work in the yard, I always wear a t-shirt. Some of the neighbor guys work bare-chested. No problem for them, but I’m just too private to peel off (not to mention my pasty-white skin and love handles!)

Publishing a memoir feels just as revealing! Today marks the publishing date for Journey to Friendship: A Memoir, available on the Amazon Kindle store. The book describes my personal thoughts, actions, prayers, failures and foibles from the adventures I lived through way back in 1976. Now anyone on the planet can see my metaphorical bare chest and weak biceps. Where is censorship when you need it?

Yet I’ve had fun in the seven and one-half year enterprise of writing this memoir. I’ve treasured the hours of research, remembering and reflecting on those special months. I’ve seen how much I’m still the same as forty years ago, and how much I’ve changed. I’m guessing that happens to everyone as the river of time flows by.

It’s been said that we never understand life until we try to tell the story. This little book is one story to open hearts to greater tales, as yet untold. I invite you to download a copy and enjoy a good summer read!

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