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A Show-stopper on the road

My new memoir, "Journey to Friendship," covers my adventures across many miles of the Midwest. Featured prominently in this tale from 1976 is the first new car I had ever owned. She was a show-stopping orange, Buick Apollo, with a cream interior.

Jan and I had agreed that my well-worn 1970 Ford Maverick had seen better days. It featured an underpowered engine that could barely run the air conditioner and a rough, noisy ride. One day in June of 1974, I polished the old jalopy and drove her to the Buick dealer in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The salesman said he was so impressed and could give me a great dealer on a new model that had just appeared on the floor room. I took the bait and in a few days I escorted Jan from the door of the apartment to take her first ride in the new beauty. I admit, she paused a bit when she turned the corner and saw our new ride glistening bright orange in the sunlight!

I learned a lesson about the importance of making big decisions together. I also learned how good it is to have a solid, safe car when hundreds of miles lie ahead. I hope you’ll get a copy of the memoir to see how this unique auto carried us to new adventures.

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