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Mistaken identity

One of the Bible’s most humorous scenes takes place when an angel appears to Gideon. The conversation in Judges 6 reveals a frightened, insecure, doubting farmer trying to survive in a perilous, war-torn era. Yet the angel says, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior!” Honoring him with such a title no doubt brought laughter to everyone hiding in that winepress with wimpy Gideon. But the angel, and God’s patient guidance, had the last word. I think God is still speaking of you and me in ways that are surprising. He meets our fears with His strength. He pursues us with His grace even when we run away. He calls us “friends” when our hearts are cold and bitter. When He does all of this, we can be transformed, just like the reluctant leader, Gideon. The brutal stories of war and hatred in this book give us nothing to emulate. But I do want to listen to the voice of God and all that He might see about me!

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