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What do you see?

How content are you with your spiritual life? Jesus touched a man who was blind and gave him sight (Mark 8:22-26). But the Master wasn’t satisfied, because the man’s vision was distorted. So he asked a blockbuster question, “What do you see?” Maybe our friend’s head began to spin. “Is Jesus saying there might be even more for my eyes to see?”

What if Jesus asked this question of your soul. “What do you really see? Are you satisfied with where you are in your spiritual journey?” Would there be a holy hunger, a shiver of possibility, a sudden eagerness to discover greater lands for spiritual discovery?

The history of the church shows how God keeps working with his people. It took more than 300 years after Jesus lived for the fathers of the church to hear the Holy Spirit clarify in a formal statement the nature of Jesus and the teaching of the Trinity! It took more centuries to unpack the truth that people should rule a nation, not a king who claimed divine power. It took yet more time to understand that church and state should be separate so the conscience of every person would be free. It took a long process for the Spirit to raise up great leaders who insisted that civil law reflect the biblical truth that every human being, no matter what color or gender, is equal in God’s eyes and should have civil rights. Just now, we may be learning that we are stewards of the planet today, like Adam in the garden, charged with a sacred duty of protection.

When Jesus sets a holy discontent in your heart, making you tired of the myopic dullness of your spiritual life, get closer to Him! Dialogue with Him to open your eyes and watch for his footsteps on the path. Take some practical steps to satisfy the holy discontent. Make an appointment with someone who would be a mentor to help you forward and hold you accountable. Or, make a pledge to read only the Bible for 60 days. Or, open your heart to the nudge of the Holy Spirit to get involved in some work of mission. Or, find a counselor to work on your issues that are making life miserable.

Jesus wants has an unfinished miracle for your vision and journey of faith!

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