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Love change? How to cope with it

Change is a common experience in life…so why does it feel so hard? That could be your question as the digital calendar ticks one day after another in 2018. I’m in the midst of change, as I leave behind a full-time job of 16 years and step into the “green pastures” of retirement. I have been through feelings of excitement, anxiety, sadness and doubt—and this is about a change that I have planned for years to accomplish. Unexpected change amps all these emotions by a factor of 10, doesn’t it?

Change is always perceived as loss. This means feelings of sadness, regret, and disorganization will always haunt our minds as change occurs. It’s best to acknowledge this to yourself and a confidant. Talk about what you feel is being lost. Accept the emotion and mourn what has been lost, whether that is a person, a career, a hope or a possession. These things have been a part of your meaning context and now they are mission. Who can be happy about that? You can cope better by talking it out and receiving support.

I’m posting a link to an excellent article (with cute GIFs) from Australia that talks more about coping with change. Take some time to read it. Remember, you and God can journey strong through change!

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