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  • Larry Payne

3 tips to start your well-being journal

Journal writing is a powerful tool for well-being. I discuss this thoroughly in my podcast and Youtube video, "Diary Your Way to Well-being." But taking the first step can be hard, I know. Here are three tips to get the first words flowing.

First, find the most convenient way. There is no right and wrong method of journaling. Handwritten, typed on a computer, entries in a smart phone app--the best one is the easiest for you! I like to put mine in a Word document and add something every few days.

Second, have a purpose. Some journaling is just to vent and let every thought pour out. Some write based on events and how those might be affecting them. Others want to explore a creative thought, while another person might collect inspirational quotes. i have clients who use a guided method, responding to key questions that may come from a book or website. When you know the "Why" of your journal, adding material comes much easier.

Finally, apply your journal entry to your well-being. Grab the insights, lessons, revelations, reflections, dreams, or hopes for your own growth. Don't let them slip away as the next moments of life rush by. Developing these seeds of growth may take time but it will be worth it!

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