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Catch a Tracks Video Playlist

Everyone loves a playlist to groove to their favorite tunes! What about feeding your brain with a Tracks for the Journey video playlist on Youtube? Now it's possible with a few clicks and swipes. I've just created three playlists with several videos on each that you'll like. Check out "Building a Better World," or "Practicing Positive Psychology," or "Spirituality for Well-being." Each playlist follows the theme listed to promote your best self and growth.

The three topics form the core of this Tracks for the Journey movement. Positive Psychology is a well-established field of study that focuses on what works for health. For decades psychology only dealt with the maladjustments and how to fix them. That's still important. But pioneers recognized that building the right emotional life is even more important. Core beliefs, choices, and emotions can bring healthy adjustments to the front of our experience. I'm glad to be a tiny practitioner of this movement.

Spirituality exists in every person as they define the deepest meanings of their lives. Progressive Christian spirituality builds around the central tenet of God's Love, the essential, all-pervasive essence of the Divine. From this Love we discover the transformation of our beliefs that can guide us through this quantum age. (Click over to the Spirituality Page to read more on Open and Relational Theology.)

Finally, building a better world carries us into relationships and the larger community. We are inherently social creatures so our well-being is unbreakably tied to our interactions with others. Learning to live with the "Us" and the "We" orientation is vital.

Check out the link to the new playlists soon!

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