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Got Milk...and Honey?

The promise doesn't "Wow!" modern readers. A "land flowing with milk and honey?" What would be so great about that? Where's the beef... the potatoes... the chocolate?

Numbers 13:27 features the report of 12 guys who had seen the promised land in all it's abundance. The lush produce seemed amazing to their desert-weary eyes. Modern interpreters help us understand the description is probably of date honey, not beehives, and goat milk. Both of these are products of a land so rich and productive it "flowed." This paradise God promised would be theirs to possess... if they had the faith to follow Him and obey His directions.

I love real honey and milkshakes. So maybe I could get excited about this. But I'm hoping the Lord has some others amazing provisions for my life. A nice job, house, some vacation, even some spiritual treasures like joy and peace.

Yet, guess what? The price of admission is still the same: listen to Him, believe in Him, follow His ways, yield to His leadership. Joshua and Caleb got it, and eventually they walked drank the good milk and buttered their bread with sweet nectar. May I have their faith, courage and skill when God's promise beckons my journey to take another step forward!

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