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The deepest mystery

Do you like mysteries? I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge fan of the modern whodunit. But I have enjoyed the past few weeks teaching in one of the most mysterious books of the Bible—Revelation. The book both hides and reveals truth about the final chapter of God’s great work of redemption.

Modern scholars believe the book spoke to the first century church by drawing on many sources. The brilliant author weaves the Old Testament, first century Jewish writings, numerology, art commentary, original poetry, and biting political protest to billboard the message that Jesus will overcome the evil which afflicts this world.

One of the best mysteries is the enigmatic “666,” which is the numerological value of a nefarious leader’s name (each letter is given a number value). We’ve now had about 19 centuries to figure it out. Who is this and how does he fit into the unfolding of redemptive history? A majority of scholars point to the evil Roman emperor, Nero. Google this guy for your next nightmare!

In my journey, I’ve discovered that all of us are mysterious. Only by God’s grace can we probe our deep selves and find some of the “masterpiece” He intends that we become. Time to start exploring more of your own secrets? Seek a wise counselor or spiritual director and start the adventure!

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