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Noah: Proven and ready

Everyone wants to hire a proven worker. At the hospital I often get asked, "Which doctor does the best work?" Patients know skill is built over time. They want a good track record.

Our hero, Noah, is described in just that way. Genesis 6:8 reads, “Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” Several translations say, “The Lord was very pleased with Noah.” The words indicate that the life and work of a person commends them to God. Only a few great biblical leaders are given this recognition. For instance, Joseph found favor in the eyes of Potiphar for his skillful work and leadership. The same words are used of Noah. To me, this indicates that Noah had proven himself to God in many ways long before the building of the ark. Noah had been responsive to God’s direction crossing the creek before he faced the Flood.

We do the same with our children, don’t we? We train them by giving small responsibilities and let them grow to larger tasks. But it’s hard to see the little things of our own daily life in this way. Daily work is a drudgery. Monthly tithing eats our entertainment budget. Filtering our television and movies may take us away from the biggest headlines of the day. But God is watching, measuring and weighing whether we are ready for the greater work that is looming tomorrow. Doing the work God assigns today may not be glamorous. Yet, it is the very stuff that prepares us for something significant tomorrow.

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