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  • Larry Payne

Healing from God?

I invite you to join the TRACKERS Community on Facebook to expand your connection with the insights and inspiration of Tracks for the Journey. The current discussion is about your thoughts on healing. In the latest Tracks episode I explored the Love of God and physical health. I said,

"For the healing of our bodies, a noncoercive relationship means that God cannot make cancer cells disappear, a heart to beat properly, or a bone to heal instantaneously. Acting as a sole agent, God can’t make you well. God’s work is collaborative with the physical world and this precludes what we call supernatural interventions which overrule the laws of nature."

I'd like to hear some of your thoughts, questions, and reactions to this controversial position. Follow the link to join the Facebook group "TRACKERS: The Tracks for the Journey Online Community."

You can listen to or watch the entire episode from the Tracks for the Journey page.

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